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STEREK AU | Derek and Stiles are supposed to be doing research but it’s not working out as they thought it would.

Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.

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Boy meets Werewolf

They both believed in love at first sight

They locked eyes and everything felt so right

As each day goes by they fall more and more in love

Until they are together each and every night.

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You cannot even try to tell me that you didn’t think they were about to kiss because they were seriously about to.

Especially the 2nd gif.

  • The way Stiles looks at Derek’s lips and nods slightly.
  • The way Derek’s eyes skit around looking at Stiles’ facial expressions.
  • The way Derek swallows almost nervously

this post is flawless

Ugh god

Jeff, the Cockblocker of the universe. Dumbass writers throwing magic away.

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